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4" Zero Chipping Blade

4" Zero Chipping Blade

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  • HSN Code 82029990
  • Brands PISCO
  • Category Diamond Saw Blade
  • Sub Category premium quality
  • Color WHITE
  • Product Type product
  • Min purchase quantity 1000
  • Warrenty 24 months
  • Product Unit 100 pieces
  • Description A circular saw blade fits a circular saw and is used to cut wood. A diamond saw blade contains diamond-tipped teeth and is used to cut nonferrous metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and building materials. A scroll saw blade fits a scroll saw and is used to cut curved lines in woods and plastics.

Diamond blades do not really cut, instead they grind through material. The diamond crystals remove material by scratching out particles of hard, dense materials, or by knocking out larger particles of loosely bonded abrasive material. The segment is the part of the blade that actually does the cutting.